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2008-05-13 18:44:23 by Sammeh

I feel like a fag, I need to change my homepage before people start questioning my orientation. You know... as each year goes by I always think to myself, "What a fag" when i see what I have done in the past, this year is no different, i am sure I will look back on myself thinking about how much of an immature idiot I was.

New header.

2007-10-17 15:51:38 by Sammeh

Made from some abstract NG inspired stuff that I made, I just added me user name and resized it and kaboom, whaddya think? I don't really like the quality, does anyone know any ways of getting a better quality version???

Halloween Flash

2007-10-04 11:43:25 by Sammeh

I am making a Halloween flash.

It will be about a man who kills his wife and kid who after doing that hags himself.

The camera will be from his point of view, literally, it'll be like an fps kinda angle

I will display the horror through David Firth types surrealism, like the old Salad Fingers episodes and through typical horror music that will consist of only a piano.

What do you think?

I got the new Apple I mac.

2007-08-10 18:41:35 by Sammeh

As you Mac converts(People with common sense) are aware of, Apple released the latest model of the I Mac last Wednesday. I ordered for It straight away when it was put on their online store.

First off. They said it was not going to be shipped to the UK for another week because of anticipated high demand. So I happily waited for it to arrive, knowing that it would be worth while. Two days later, today, I was woken up by my brothers claiming my Mac had arrived. I wouldn't be disappointed if it hadn't, I expecting this claim to be a lie. I went down stairs to find three Boxes in the living room. Was it my Mac, my friends Mac, and my JBL speakers? Of course it was! It was an easy guess and as I eagerly opened it up like a kid would on Christmas day. We guessed right. It was, but it was awfully strange. We weren't expecting anything to arrive until withing the next few weeks. We didn't question it for long and eagerly began setting up.

First off, it was time to back up all of the programs I actually did need. Flash, I-tunes and Photoshop. All of the other programs could be downloaded for Mac easily. Once that was done, It was all plain sailing. I no longer needed the technical clutter that was a PC, so goodbye old friend (Crap, slow and dull as it was, this thing had been serving me and my whole family for more than 6 years.) We unplugged it all, shut it down, and put it on the hand-me-down list. Then, the usually daunting task of plugging our new computer in was easy - only 2 wires were coming out of the thing! And then we just needed to plug in all the additional components (Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers e.g.) to the Mac.

And it was done, nothing needed installing, nothing needed downloading (Unlike the two hour drag that PCs' take) I did the honors of turning it on for the first time. And the screen faded in along side the welcoming tune, We were granted by a Hollywood style video to introduce me. It quickly named the features of this animal and I spent only 5 minutes creating my login. Then, there it was. The Mac. The HD screen, encased in high quality glass, with an brushed aluminum frame and a shiny black bitten apple engraved, in its prime, ready to go. I toyed around with I-life 08 and imported my I-tunes. I downloaded aMSN (And no that was no typos, it is called aMSN) an MSN client for the mac, which was overall good, but not quite as good as the script filled MSN+ 8.0 that I was used to. I replaced Safari with Firefox. I haven't yet imported Flash, I will do though I am focusing on downloading my copy of VMware fusion (A program which lets you run Windows applications on an OSX running computer, which unfortunately will take up 2 hours of my time just installing XP onto it:(.

Good points

- Drastic improvements to I-life

- Incredibly thin keyboard

- Beautiful look

Bad Points

- Remote control doesn't magnetically dock to the frame like in the previous model

- aMSN isn't quite as good as the Windows ran MSN.

- Mouse can be faulty

All in all, I'd say that this is the future of computers. Windows is over, Vista sucks and XP has to get old some day. So All PC users: Throw away the scrap heap you call "Windows" and bring in Apple's big gun, OSX!

You'll never have to restart another computer again!

Overall- *****

By Sam Linge.

PS: Bill Gates has a small penis.

I got the new Apple I mac.

Whats wrong with me?

2007-07-20 18:48:03 by Sammeh

No matter how hard I try, I fail at Flash. It I Hate it. I know everything needed to create a [em]decent[/em] flash, but everytime I have a goo didea, it falls victim to my inability to finish it. I have made quite a few things that I know my friends would let through the portal, but those animations are the first few seconds of it, I wish there was some patience pill - although then nearly all of the 350 animations Newgrounds gets would be deserving of front page.

~Ds Sam