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Taking the Angryfaic Challenge.

2009-04-22 12:16:25 by Sammeh

From today, the 22 of April 2009, I will be taking the Angryfaic challenge.

The idea is to include the angryfaic or ultra angryfaic in every post you make for a full year.

My challenge ends on the 22nd of April 2010.


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2009-04-22 14:21:07

good luck


2009-04-27 14:22:47

u are bored arent you?

Sammeh responds:

what an articulate speculation.


2009-05-01 13:45:53

Does this mean each post you make has to warrant that angryfaic or it is just there regardless?

Sammeh responds:

It is more or less on there regardless, but I do feel the need to warrant to the Angryfaic.