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I killed a Snail.

2008-07-28 19:07:07 by Sammeh

I was going out to my garage to get something, when all of a sudden I heard a sharp cracking noise just as the garden light turned on. I saw the mangled corpse of a snail, its slimy body smeared across the pavements with shard of his shell sticking in it, I was his head moving around, squirming for air, I must have crushed his lungs. I felt extremely bad, watching this poor innocent creature, just minding his own business to die a slow and painful death. You could see he was in agony, I wanted to quickly end his pain and his life, but as pussy as it sounds I couldn't bring my self to do it. I felt so bad through out the day' i felt like a murderer. Sure, it was only a snail and there are billions of them, but its just the idea that I killed something. it didn't know what was going on at all, all it knew was the immense pain it was in. I just hope that snails can't feel anything.


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2008-07-28 19:22:00

poor snail

Sammeh responds:

What about Mrs. Snail? She'll be widowed?


2008-07-28 19:23:07

darknessdweller wuz here.


2008-08-12 22:04:21

good for you punk :(


2008-08-13 20:40:36

Snails are aesexual so there won't be a Mrs.Snail, so don't worry about that part :)

Sammeh responds:

No, they do mate, TV told me so...


2008-08-13 21:11:29

The other night my Mum and Dad were sitting outside at the top of the garden. I wanted to talk to them so I ran up in the almost pitch black and started talking to them. When I was just stepping back to walk to my house. I heard a crack. "Shit!" I thought "I killed a snail :(" and as I moved my foot to get off the poor thing I heard another crack. Overwhelmed with laughter at the cartoonic moment I felt horrible about it. I'd just killed TWO poor, innocent snails, who were on a date, within a good 10 seconds.

I felt shamefull alnight.

It was pretty funny though! :D

Sammeh responds:

*walks into rake*


2008-08-16 13:51:41

its a stupid fucking snail. get over it u panzy ther are pepole i want 2 kill.and if i could.. i would

Sammeh responds:

Well, to be honest judging by your logic I should kill you too seeing as you have the brain of a retarded snail...

Besides, saying that you would kill people over the internet proves you wrong just by saying that. You wouldn't kill them, I doubt you'd touch them.


2008-09-02 23:47:29

Good thing nobody puts salt in their shoes, or else snails would have double-deaths!


Sammeh responds: